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Working with Alpaca Fleece

TOFT BLOG  - Diary of an Alpaca Farmer





Elite alpacas 

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Alpaca Educational Workshops and Courses


We host Alpaca Educational Workshops for all abilities  beginners, pet owners, breeders and the seriously tempted.

We host Alpaca  Fibre Workshops for alpaca owners who want to add value to their fibre. 

We host Alpaca Fibre Workshops for showing and processing.

We also host Textile Workshops for all degrees of ability from beginner to seriously advanced.

Textile workshops  focus on  knitting, felting, crafting, crocheting, spinning and all  aspects of creating value with alpaca.

All our workshops are practical and are strictly limited in numbers to make the educational experience worthwhile.

So book early to avoid disappointment.  Book Workshops Online 


Welcome to Toft Alpaca Stud

Toft Madysen

Toft Alpaca Stud  is centered upon our pedigree herd of prize winning alpacas.

We have been selectively breeding these wonderful creatures since 1997.

We have sourced genetics across the world to fulfil our breeding goals.

We breed alpacas that are balanced in conformation, extremely pleasing to look at, grow a heavy cutting fine fleece which has real quality in brightness, handle and density.

We select alpacas that maintain these positive traits for as long as possible.

We take great pride in the fact our show records and pedigrees now speak for themselves. 

We administer strict biosecurity at all times both for our own herd and our clients.

You can purchase and mate with the confidence that we do our utmost to maintain a clean biosecure herd. 



Toft Alpacas Herd

Toft Alpaca Weaners 2013

Toft Alpacas is a herd of 150-200 pedigree Huacaya and Suri  alpacas in all colours.

Toft Alpacas aspires to excellence in breeding, husbandry, welfare and herd management, education, administration and after sales support.

We train new owners until they are confident in keeping and handling their alpacas.

We can to put together packages of alpacas for sale to suit all budgets and aspirations.

We offer our clients 24/7 back up and support.

To see our alpacas for sale please click one of these links: 

  Female Alpacas -Huacaya     Stud Males-Huacaya   Female Alpacas - Suri  

Stud Males-Suri  Stud services  Pet & Guard Alpacas


TOFT Alpaca Studio

The Toft Alpaca Studio

The Toft Alpaca Studio is a bespoke workshop and educational facility for all things alpaca.

We sell alpaca knitting yarns, knitting kits and luxury alpaca knitwear. 

Textile workshops, lectures and seminars are available throughout the year.

Bespoke indidvidual tuition in all aspects of textiles is available to order.

All the fleece for the Toft Alpaca herd is processed and sold under the TOFT brand.

We buy in top quality alpaca fleece in Huacaya and Suri  from other UK Breeders

TOFT products available on-line from.  The Toft Alpaca Shop


Toft Alpaca Walks

A group of Toft AlpacasSeveral public footpaths pass through our alpaca farm.

These paths are double fenced to create open walkways creating and a parkland atmosphere.

These paths offer  stunning views and convenient visitor access for those who are fascinated by our alpacas but don’t want to take them home.

We may not officially be an alpaca visitor centre but we are close .

Come and see for yourself  and enjoy our amazing alpacas.


 Or share the Toft Alpaca experience with  us on the  TOFT BLOG